Monday, May 28, 2012


from ethiopia....

(right after our embassy appointment)

to america (with my family at the charlotte airport)...

to our cul-de-sac...

to one week home and many adventures!

meeting our cousins

more from mommy later!

Monday, May 7, 2012


we are going back to ethiopia!

i'm in a scramble to book flights and a room at ethiopia guest home as we speak. it's possible ethiopia air will start running a special this afternoon that could get us cheaper fares, so i've got my fingers crossed. i'm hopeful we'll have everything nailed down by the end of the day.

we are very likely leaving this sunday. then we'll have a full day in addis on monday to pick up a few things we wished we'd gotten the last time, and my dad is coming with us, so we'll show him around the city. i think we've convinced him to let us take him to yod abyssinia, the restaurant in addis that has traditional food and dancing. we really enjoyed ourselves there last time, and i think it's the most efficient way to get a nice dose of ethiopian culture (as if riding down the streets of addis isn't enough).

our appointment with the embassy is next thursday the 17th. we'll pick up our kids tuesday and have a couple days to start acclimating to each other before our embassy appointment. we should be able to leave ethiopia friday, but we may stay over another night if there's a significant difference in the airfare (once again, waiting to see how this potential special might affect things).

to say we are excited is an understatement. honestly, i don't think it's all sunk in yet. i could write something really emotional about how long we've been waiting (we signed on with cwa 3 years ago this month...i can't even believe it), how many delays we've had (starting with the expected wait for a referral estimated at 4-6 months when we started, and then turning into 19 months), and how we really didn't think this day would ever come. but i expect that those details, while extremely important parts of our story and things we will most certainly tell over and over again to our kids, will soon fade into the background of what will become our life together as a family. because soon, the joys and frustrations of everyday life with kids will be at the forefront. we will be rejoicing over first english words or peeing in the potty or sleeping through the night and not over a document that has come through or an approval given. and we'll be frustrated about discipline or lack of sleep and not delays or waiting.

whether a person admits it or not, the adoption process kinda hijacks your life. and, for me especially, i think it will be a huge transition not only to having 2 kids, but to being out of the adoption process. even this morning, once i opened the email from the embassy stating our interview is scheduled for the 17th, i realized i'm really not waiting on anything else anymore. that email was it. and it feels weird, but also pretty liberating.