What I Believe

i'm a follower of jesus. for me, that means a few things.

first, i affirm this.

second, i believe adoption is a beautiful metaphor for the gospel. i don't think the metaphor is perfect in every way because metaphors never are. but i do believe the hope of the gospel is that, through jesus, God invites human beings, who look nothing like him in substance or character, into his family. he gives those who were once lost and lonely, cut-off from all spiritual inheritance or heritage, the great privilege of becoming heirs of his kingdom.

third, i don't think christianity is about following rules or being a good, moral person. in fact, i think christianity is about admitting that you can't and don't follow the rules and realizing that's what grace is for. it took me a long time to learn this.

and fourth, i believe following jesus is an act of rebellion in this world. it's rejecting the kingdoms and empires that rule here in favor of a kingdom that is appearing in small glimpses in this world, yet will be manifested fully at a future time when all things will be made new. i believe that by following jesus, i am empowered by his spirit to show what the kingdom of God is really like -- a place of perfect love, justice, and peace.

it all sounds a little crazy and sometimes i doubt. but i believe with all my being that it's true.