Tuesday, July 16, 2013

stitch fix 2

i got my second stitch fix yesterday! as i'm currently five days post surgery for another ovarian cyst, my body is a little funky (read: bloated and puffy). SO, i think everyone will understand why i chose not to have my picture taken wearing the clothes this time around. i did try everything on, though i pretty much knew what i liked and what i didn't as soon as each piece came out of the box.

first up, this gem.

if this is something you would ever wear, you probably shouldn't read the rest of my commentary. where to begin? this shirt looks like something a rich grandmother would wear for a casual day at the country club. it also looks like a pre-schooler's paint set threw up all over it...way too many primary colors (with the exception of the green background). and despite knowing that green and red are complimentary colors (and do, in some instances, look really good together), i can't take the blunt combo of the bright green and bright red. this shirt was never in a million years a contender anyway, but it's also too big. verdict: send back.

next, this dress.

i liked it out of the box, but i knew it would probably look like a sack on me (and i was right). i even tried it with a skinny belt at the waist to try and give it more definition, but it just didn't look right. i think the stylist was trying to send me something that would be kid-friendly, and the fabric is definitely right on target. i also like that it would be a great dress for all seasons (pair it with sandals in the summer, boots and tights for the fall/winter). but it's way too frumpy on me, not to mention that the red buttons with the navy background/white stripes is a little too patriotic for me. verdict: send back.

third was this shirt.

amazing. nothing too crazy, but also unique in its own way. i loved it out of the box, and i loved it after trying it on. my favorite thing is the pop of aqua at the top (though, since it's sheer up there, i'd have to wear a strapless bra). this is one of those shirts that is fitted where it should be, but also has a little flow at the bottom. i also liked that it's multi-seasonal thanks to the 3/4-length sleeves. BUT i don't really know what bottoms to pair it with other than jeans, which i feel like would be too much dark blue. i'm probably over-thinking this, but i decided, for the price, it wasn't worth it. verdict: send back.

next, this shirt.

i liked this shirt when i took it out of the box, but then it started reminding me of a maternity shirt because of the ruching on the side. it was cute on, but the price tag is...$88. i would never pay that much for a casual shirt like this. verdict: send back.

and lastly, this necklace.

i actually asked not to be sent accessories, but this necklace still made its way into my fix. it's a simple, gold necklace with little leaves on it. i really love it for it's versatility, and the price was very reasonable. verdict: keep it.

overall, this second fix bummed me a little, though i feel like it's going to take a few times for them to really "get" what i like and don't like. since i only kept the necklace, i decided to try one more time before taking a break until fall. we have family pictures coming up next month, so i asked to be sent five dresses. again, in full disclosure, i get a referral credit for anyone who signs up to try stitch fix using my link. so if you're interested in joining the fun (and it really is pretty fun!), go here.

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  1. okay that first shirt is laughable. It's very hipsterish to me. Anyways dress, super cute. Understand why it would look like a sac on you, but super cute and very mom friendly. kinda in love with the 3rd shirt. love the sheer, dresses it up some and keeps it hip but still mom friendly. and yes, you can totally wear it with jeans. or white pants if you have any. last shirt, love the pattern, not crazy about the rouching either but i can see it being super cute on you. And love that necklace, so much prettier than the tacky thing they sent me. Can't wait to see your dresses!!!!!!!!