Sunday, September 18, 2011

very quickly

for all the adoption mommies (and any others) who don't already know: we got our second referral on friday! we prayed all week for little girl's last document to come through, and it did! she is 3 years old and beautiful. second medicals have been ordered for both children, and we're sending in the paperwork to officially accept the referrals for both kids tomorrow. please pray second medicals would come back quickly so that we can get in line for a court date.


  1. PTL!!! Can you email our group some more details? So happy for you!!!!!!

  2. not an adoption mommy, but definitely care about this. so glad for yall!!

  3. Oh Lauren, my heart is so full hearing about this precious little girl. These long awaited children have finally been made known to you. Praying that God opens doors for you guys in these next stages. Please keep us posted as to how we can be praying your kiddos home! I always tell my kids they were PRAYED home.