Sunday, January 15, 2012

proud to announce...

we passed court!


rebuma ephraim dean

rebuma means "for God" in the oromo language of ethiopia. we will call him ephraim (eh-frum), meaning "for God has made me fruitful in my affliction."


ruthie kalkidan dean

we will call her ruthie, meaning "friendship and loyalty." kalkidan (kal-kee-don) means "promise." (also, ruth 1:16-17 is quite beautiful in light of adoption and the meaning of her given ethiopian name).

please continue praying for us! we long to be reunited soon.


  1. Congrats! They are both such beauties, especially in person :) Praying for your return soon!

  2. Oh Lauren, I have tears in my eyes. These precious longed for gifts are finally known to you! Their names and everything about them is absolutely beautiful. I'll really be praying things move smoothly for a quick return!

  3. Oh Lauren! This is such a beautiful post BECAUSE of your beautiful Ruthie and Ephraim. Oh happy day. So grateful you've passed court. Awaiting with you as you prepare to bring them home. Today is our 1 year...what a day that will be for your family!!!!!!

  4. Wonderful! Janelle told me about this last week, and I'm delighted to finally see pictures! They're adorable. I look forward to the day you can finally bring them home.

  5. YAY!!!! So happy for you! The picture is awesome! YOU ARE A MAMMA! Praying you'll be getting the home soon! - Amanda McAlpine