Monday, April 2, 2012

a comparison

we got new pictures of our kids today, and my oh my...this mama's heart can't even take how much her baby is looking like a toddler these days (i mean, he is 16 months and 1 week old, but i wanted him to stay little just awhile longer!) these 2 pictures offer a good comparison of how much he's chunked up in the 3 months since we were in ethiopia. the top picture is one we got today, the bottom is one of my favorites from january (i love how ephraim is leaning his head on his hand and how jamie looks like he's coaching him to crawl).

we are still waiting to hear back from the embassy. tomorrow is 3 weeks since we were submitted. we are waiting for an interview to be completed for ruthie's case, and we expect ephraim's case could clear any day now. each month that has passed, we've thought, "this is going to be month." i really hope and pray that april is the month they'll come home.

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  1. So sweet! I am loving the rolls on his legs!!!!!!!! Praying you are back so soon!!!!!