Wednesday, April 11, 2012

interview date

we finally have the interview date we've been waiting for regarding ruthie's case. we are hoping and praying next wednesday the 18th will be the day our cases are approved. no word from the embassy on ephraim's case, but we are told the embassy typically keeps cases together, so it seems his case may be completed and is being held until both cases can be approved at the same time. there's still a chance one or both cases could be sent to nairobi for further review (not very likely in ruthie's case, but possible in ephraim's), but we are praying for good news next week so we can hop on a plane soon after that!


  1. Praying friend!!! So ready for those sweet babies to be home!!!!

  2. Thanks for the update. Been checking frequently to hear the latest news! We will be praying. Yes, we got approval for an embassy date for our son before our daughter but they were both submitted (days apart). So we just emailed immediately to the embassy (once getting approval for our son) to clarify can our daughter have that same embassy date as well and they responded via email within 24 hours and said yes, come for both on that date! We were thankful it worked out that way. And we were able to get an embassy date only 5 days after approval so we booked tickets that day and we're leaving 3 days later!!! It was pretty crazy! Praying the Lord is lining up all these little details for your family! YAY! It could still be April yet! ;)Amanda McAlpine